Our mission is to found a specific area of strategic studies in Serbia and the Balkans, so that the region has a serious center for research in this scientific and academic field, which, given the developments in international relations in the 21st century, is rated as one of the most promising areas of research in the new millennium. The field of strategic studies is an interdisciplinary field that unites the fields of international relations, geopolitics, geostrategy, international diplomacy and international economy, observing world events in an integral way, making connections and bridges between science, diplomacy, business and national interests.

Our mission is to build an expert network for research in the field of strategic studies, international relations, international diplomacy and related fields, as well as to consider various “scenarios of the future” in international relations and examine the role of Serbia and the Balkans in those relations – in order our region to contribute to European and global stability and balance.

Our mission is to bring together top professionals and experts from the mentioned fields, but also all other people who are interested in those fields, so that through their interaction and participation in joint projects, events, conferences and research, we produce creative analyzes of international strategic streams and constructive policy-papers (“non-papers”) for their stabilization, balancing and pacification.

Our mission is, finally, to build a top and elite think tank, made up of creative and professional people with a specific mission of building links between science and international politics and diplomacy, as well as with the mission to build a pragmatic platform for constructive dialogue on strategic issues between different nations, religions and classes – and finally with the mission of fostering overall dialogue between expert community and decision-makers in national and global, political and business, contexts.

In a word, our mission is to gather professional and creative people, in order to connect science and international politics, diplomacy and bussines, in order to analyze and search for constructive solutions to regional and global problems.

If you share our vision of a community of professional and creative people, join our team and support our research projects.

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