Our vision is to create a quality and creative think tank in the field of strategic studies, which will bring together professionals, experts, researchers and all other people with inclination for research of international relations and strategic streams in a scientific way, to come through interaction to a joint results embodied in the organization of quality discussions, conferences and round tables, preparation of quality publications and cooperation on joint research projects.

Our vision is that, through research in the field of strategic studies, in which international relations, geopolitics, geostrategy, international diplomacy and international economy intertwine, we raise awareness in Serbia and the Balkans about the need to improve diplomatic, academic and intellectual resources important for understanding international strategic events in the 21st century, so that Serbia and the Balkans can participate in them in a peaceful and constructive way.

Our vision is, finally, that diplomacy take precedence in Serbia and in the Balkans over other, rougher, ways of solving strategic problems and doubts that our region is constantly facing, in order to promote peace and cooperation between different nations, states and religions in the region.

Our vision is science in the service of peace, peace in the service of development and development in the service of people.

Our vision is a creative and professional Forum for Strategic Studies.

If you share our vision of a community of professional and creative people, join our team and support our research projects.

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