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Two centuries of reshaping relations in the Balkans


The area of the Balkan Peninsula (or Southeast Europe) in the period from the beginning of the 19th century until today has undergone at least six major changes in the regional interstate system. These transformations are characterized by shorter and mostly violent earthquakes, which were followed by longer phases of stabilization.

Political philosophy of Clint Eastwood

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Clint Eastwood is not only a successful actor and director, but also a talented political thinker. Once the annals of the thinkers of freedom of our time are made, there will certainly not be the neurotic Žižek, the pretentious Fukuyama or the enraptured Chomsky, but the cold, sober and reduced Clint Eastwood. Dirty Harry. Who has not written a single book. As if books are important to think politically. Attitude is important. Attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference, Churchill once said.

Germany removes Serbia from “red list”

Foto: Shutterstock/Savvapanf Photo Germany today removed several countries from the region from the “red list” of countries at risk for travel due to the crown. Among those countries are the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, some regions of Greece, but also Croatia, the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases announced,…

Italy and the Balkans


The path of the Balkans to the Mediterranean geographically goes through three countries – Italy, Greece and Turkey. Of these three countries, Italy is the most important for the Balkans in the European context, because it is the third strongest country in the EU (a country that until recently held the position of Governor of the European Central Bank

Biden’s quest for a new balance


Since the founding of this unusual republic of capital at the end of the 18th century and during its entire existence in the previous two and a half centuries, there have been essentially only two foreign policy doctrines in US history – isolationism and interventionism or interventionism and isolationism, depending on which factor was more prevalent in the various US presidential administrations.

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We live in a rare moment in history when the history itself gets an unusual acceleration and when what was thought impossible hundreds of years ago is actually underway, like the intrusion of demonstrators into the American Congress.